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Open water Swim Guiding

SureSwimKernow has a growing repertoire of fantastic swims around the beautiful local coastline of South West Cornwall.

Over the years, along with our local open water swim buddies, we have mapped out different length swims around our local coastline to suit your ability (and the prevailing weather conditions!) so that there is a range of options available on any given day.

Our swims range in distance from 1-3 kilometres, exploring hidden gem areas- some of which are only accessible by water.

With our substantial experience, watertight safety and local knowledge we save you the hassle of having to figure it all out on your own when you may not have the time or energy- all you have to do is turn up and jump in!

Whether you are just starting out in the world of open water swimming or are an established veteran of the big blue we have the right swim for you.

Swim Guiding Options*

Bespoke packages available for beginner to advanced for individuals or groups. Please contact us for more details


 *Open water wetsuits must be worn for all open water sessions.

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