Below are some example of the testimonials we have recived for our coaching

I’d been swimming a while when I started Clare’s Adult Improvers Class.  I’d come back to swimming as an adult after years of not doing any, because my children were in the sea and I wanted to be of use should they need me.  Then it turned into a regular fitness thing but I had no idea really about the bad habits I had.  The lessons were a revelation.  Clare is inspirational and a real motivator.  I’ve improved so much.  I’m not interested in competing; I do it purely for myself.  But I love the mix of the people involved – from triathletes to those who can only do breaststroke when they first take part.  Everyone is so supportive.  Haddon is so encouraging too – such a gentle soul.  I’ve since found out how fantastic a swimmer he is (with no ego!) and I am so grateful that he is so generous with his help and tutelage. Since taking part in Clare’s pool sessions, I have found the courage to take part in the open water sessions too – first a 1 on 1 with Clare - after starting out terrified, I came out ecstatic.  Absolutely brilliant!  Then a session with both Clare and Haddon, taking my 10 year old daughter along.  It was really wonderful and confidence building.  My daughter was also taught by Clare at primary school age and she is a great little swimmer now.  I envy her style and that she can take for granted this great foundation from which to continue.  She has now started asking whether she can join the adult class, which is high praise indeed!
Caroline Pace

I joined the open water swim lessons with Clare and Haddon to improve my technique and hopefully improve my times. I felt I already had some stamina but no one had looked at my stroke since I was a child. The group contained all abilities and through close observation and drills I feel my stroke has changed and I feel much more comfortable in the water. Whilst not necessarily gliding through the water there is certainly a better flow and rather than previously being able to swim I now feel like a swimmer. Before I was certainly very middle of the pack but in the last race I was 42nd out of 221 so a definite improvement.  I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone just starting out and thinking about open water swimming to regulars in the open water fraternity who are in need of a little coaching
Nick Rogers

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